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Got 99 problems and a Hard Knock Life is one.. #99problems #jayz

Got 99 problems and number 54 is one.

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We speak of three kinds of laziness. The first is simply to spend all your time eating and sleeping. The second is to tell yourself, “Someone like me will never manage to perfect themselves.” In the Buddhist context, such laziness makes you feel that it’s pointless even trying, you’ll never attain any spiritual realization. Discouragement makes you prefer not even to begin making any effort. And the third kind… is to waste your life on tasks of secondary importance, without ever getting down to what’s most essential. You spend all your time trying to resolve minor problems, one after another in an endless sequence, like ripples on the surface of a lake. You tell yourself that once you’ve finished this or that project you’ll start giving some meaning to your life.

Matthieu Ricard, in his book of conversations with his philosopher father, “The Monk and the Philosopher”

An excerpt from the post The Three Kinds of Laziness by Gary Tan.

(via jonathanmoore)

(via jonathanmoore)